2022 Updates to the Code of Ethics

Have you heard the news? APA has updated the AICP Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (effective January 1, 2022). 

This means there's some changes you should consider while you're studying for your upcoming AICP Exam. Those updates are summarized below:


"The Aspirational Principles were organized into logical groupings to highlight the planners’ role in serving the public interest.

Additionally, changes to the Principles:

More fully account for the planners’ role in social justice and racial equity while accepting our responsibility to eliminate historic patterns of inequity tied to planning decisions

Respect the rights of others and prohibit discrimination against or harassment of  others

Increase opportunities for members of underrepresented groups to become professional planners

The Rules of Conduct were organized into logical groupings to increase clarity for compliance.

Additionally, changes to the Rules:

Eliminate geographic inconsistencies for how the Rules of Conduct are enforced

Clarify types of additional employment that would create an actual or perceived conflict of interest

Require an AICP member to cooperate with the AICP Ethics Officer if they have information relevant to a charge filed against another AICP member."


Source: American Planning Association

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